Billing and Collections:

  • Insurance verification and eligibility to ensure proper coverage and reimbursement
  • Processing of claim forms in electronic/paper for both initial and
    secondary insurance
  • Third party insurance collections for patient co-pay/ deductibles, etc.
  • Post-payment reviews
  • Outstanding claims review
  • Appeals for improper payments and denials
  • Balance billing of patients for unpaid claims (co-pay/deductible)

Staff and Service:

  • Coordination and confirmation of all patient consultations,
    follow up care and surgical appointments
  • EPS’s specialized tracking and monitoring system ensures that all patients receive the recommended and medically necessary care as ordered by the physician
  • Management and tracking of all diagnostic tests ordered and received
  • As an additional service, EPS will provide a trained medical assistant to facilitate
    patient intake and provider services.


  • Preparing files for arbitration on all disputed or unpaid claims
  • EPS will follow the claim until the Physician receives the settlement check
  • Assessment of files for doctors and attorneys prior to arbitration or legal action
  • See our Medical Legal Support page for more information

EPS works with your staff, bringing our expertise and resources to free them from those vital, often complex and time-consuming yet ancillary tasks that take them away from patient care and physician support. EPS is your business advocate – streamlining your operations and enhancing your cash flow. The result: less stress and superior performance, leading to enhanced patient care and increased profits. We start by performing an extensive observation and review of your staff’s needs, duties, responsibilities and financial goals to see which of our vast array of services can help your business. EPS will then put our expertise to work while your staff tends to patient-focused duties. We increase efficiency on the front end, saving you time and money, and maximizing your profits on the back end with focused, expert collection and legal services.

From insurance verification to patient follow-up services; from handling patient scheduling to collecting on claims and overdue bills; EPS has a wide range of services that you can select from to enhance your ability to care for patients… and increase your profits. We pride ourselves on our rapid response to your questions or needs, and the openness of our systems. EPS can help streamline scheduling, work flow and patient follow up, and we help your staff be totally accountable for their work – and they take pride in that. We excel in increasing efficiency in billing and claims processing, leading to quicker and more accurate payments to the provider.

EPS will coordinate with your office personnel to go beyond what your staff can do. EPS will tackle those onerous clerical tasks that keep them from the important job of patient care. Our expertise and wide-ranging resources will help you build your business and increase profitability while making your staff more satisfied with their performance. How? EPS does not believe in cutting staff – we believe in enhancing your staff to be the best they can be.

EPS collaborates with your staff and lets them focus on what they do best - patient care and medical services. We handle those time-consuming, burdensome but necessary functions such as patient qualification, billing, collections, post-payment appeals, coding audits and so much more. Job satisfaction will increase as you deliver patients the best care possible. For over 22 years we’ve enhanced our clients’ operations and profits and helped them build better teams. Explore our site and see why partnering with us is a healthy move, and why your staff will agree.

Start With A Free Audit!
Let us start with a complete analysis of your current A/R. We will show you where you can save money, increase profits and improve efficiency – and we’ll do it at no charge!

EPS is a complete provider of medical business solutions for physicians, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. At EPS we will take the time to walk you through our exciting array of services to see what best suits your needs. Best of all, you can pick and choose the services you want, from simple back-office enhancements to full team-building or complete support functions. We will tailor our services to your needs. We can help you with billing, collections, scheduling, pre-certification, claims, follow-ups, procedure assessments, receivable funding, insurance eligibility, auto claims, expense and overhead analysis, medical legal services and policy/procedure protocols.





It has come to the Department’s attention that some Dispute Resolution Professionals (DRPs) have issued decisions that disregard our administrative rules. The purpose of this Bulletin is to identify some examples of this practice and to remind insurers, the Department’s PIP arbitration vendor and DRPs that, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 11:3-5.4(a)8, the determinations of the DRPs shall be fair, efficient and consistent with substantive law and the Department’s rules for the handling of PIP claims.

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